Monday, August 10, 2009

Brutalist Style » The Windy Pixel

Brutalist Style » The Windy Pixel: "Brutalism is a term used to describe a specific architectural style popular from the ’50s to the ’70s – you’ve probably seen many examples without knowing they constitute an an architectural movement. Brutalist buildings are typically made of poured concrete and are marked by their blocky, strong, rough appearance. Famous Chicago examples include the University of Chicago’s Regenstein Library and the inner campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago (the building that gets wider as it gets taller is called University Hall – see photo below). Both were designed by Walter Netsch (of Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel fame)."
Brutalism is such great description of the UIC central campus. The photo shows University Hall (right next to my building, Behavioral Sciences) in some dramatic lighting conditions.

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Beth said...

Another brutalist bldg has been in the middle of an interesting legal controversy: