Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kid Who Beat Cancer May Have to Lose Cross | NBC Miami

Kid Who Beat Cancer May Have to Lose Cross | NBC Miami: "Cancer survivor Taylor Bushing thinks she beat the deadly disease with the help of a cross her mother put on the front of her house.

So you can imagine the 12-year-old's disappointment when her mother's homeowners association told the family to take the cross down because it was in violation of the rules.

At 14.5 inches, the cross is 2.5 inches larger than the Pembroke Falls neighborhood association allows."
That is the Pembroke Falls HOA, folks. Just when you think you have heard of the stupidest and most heartless thing an HOA or condo association could ever do--such as making a kid in a wheelchair use the service entrance--another association raises the ante by plumbing new depths of idiocy.

Congratulations, Pembroke Falls HOA. You have the title.

I had this sent to me by so many people that I can't thank them all individually, so I'll thank them all collectively--thanks!

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Anonymous said...

"Congratulations, Pembroke Falls HOA. You have the title."

Or as Jeff Foxworthy might say "Here's your sign, stupid."