Wednesday, July 15, 2009

At least they worked through the Home Run Derby

Illinois budget: Gov. Pat Quinn, top lawmakers inch closer to stopgap deal -- "SPRINGFIELD -- With state worker paychecks hanging in the balance, Gov. Pat Quinn and top lawmakers moved closer Tuesday to a stopgap budget agreement that includes billions of dollars in borrowing and pushing off a tax-hike vote to a more politically convenient time.

After several closed-door meetings and brief legislative sessions of the House and Senate, several lawmakers headed 90 miles down the road to St. Louis for baseball's All-Star Game and to see a ceremonial first-pitch delivered by their former colleague, President Barack Obama.

But two weeks into the state's budget year, no deal was reached among leading Democrats, Republicans and Quinn on a spending plan. With Wednesday the first major payday since the July 1 budget deadline, Comptroller Dan Hynes' office said checks to as many as 6,000 of the state's 69,000 workers would not go out."

It must be nice to ride so high, so far above the peons, that you can waltz off to a baseball game the day before 6000 state employees aren't getting paid. If there is a more miserable excuse for a legislative body in the world, I would like to hear its name.

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