Monday, September 01, 2008

Bed-Stuy Banana: Satans Demonic Daughter and the Block Association: "The Head of the Block Association 'Satan's' demonic daughter, Numerous times for years walks her dog leaving Urine + Stool in Front of My Home. Your a Noise, 'Gossiping,' hateful, Evil, Jealous lying, Orthopedic 'PHONY HYPOCRITE.'"
But on the bright side, you can be Satan's demonic daughter and still be allowed to join the block association. Can't accuse them of discrimination.

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Anonymous said...

You can't believe everything you read. What might have been differences in the past, and I do mean the past, has turned into plain old ranting! As a matter of fact, the person the ranting was directed at was not, the president of the association especially since there was no "formal" working association on the block at the time. I would rather see signs like "Get the drugs off our streets," "Have respect, you're on a residential block, lower your music." Why don't people rant about that?