Friday, September 05, 2008

BBC NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | Wilson row over green 'alarmists'

BBC NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | Wilson row over green 'alarmists': "The Environment Minister Sammy Wilson has angered green campaigners by describing their view on climate change as a 'hysterical psuedo-religion'."
Paging Al "The Debate is Over" Gore.

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Robert Metcalf said...

I suggest everyone read "Scared To Death" by Christopher Booker and Richard North. This book looks at a phenomenon that really has come of age with the advent of instantaneous worldwide communication. It debunks various myths including Mad Cow Disease, second hand smoke, asbestos, and the like. Really, all of this is a testament to that average person's ignorance. For instance, second hand smoke. If a person has even the most basic knowledge of toxicology, they would know that dosage is everything. There is no substance where a high enough level of exposure won't kill you and conversely, where a small enough dosage won't be harmless. Now how can something that people use for decades, in extremely high dosages, that results in a marginal increase in susceptibility to developing cancer possibly effect someone who is only briefly exposed at levels tens of thousands of times less concentrated. It defies common sense. The same thing with global warming. There have been several warm-ups and cool-downs in history, long before the advent of carbon emissions, that cannot be explained. Don't get me wrong, if someone is allergic to cigarette smoke or just doesn't like it, common courtesy would dictate that a smoker should not subject them to it. Likewise, I don't think anyone likes to look at a smog filled sky, but that doesn't mean that we should invent mythologies about issues like this through the use of junk science in order to advance a political agenda. By the way, Al Gore's home uses 20 times the energy of an average house.

Robert Metcalf