Thursday, March 16, 2017

HOA: S. Meck students skipping class, damaging property |

HOA: S. Meck students skipping class, damaging property | "CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Residents who live near South Mecklenburg High School say they’re fed up with the recent uptick of students who have been skipping school and roaming their neighborhoods.

“It is a little shorter to come through here than to come on the sidewalk, and so they come through,” says Jill Detweiler, who lives in a neighborhood that backs up to the school.

But some say the students aren’t just roaming, they’re causing property damage. Hamlin Park’s HOA called police March 7 after they say two students bent their perimeter fence causing $150 in damage.

The president of the association later distributed notices to every resident.

“They’re just asking us to be aware of anybody coming through, if anybody’s damaging the fences. Anybody coming through that doesn’t belong here,” says Detweiler."


Wow. A regular crime wave.

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IC_deLight said...

More evidence of the tribalism nonsense as described below.