Saturday, March 19, 2016

The privatization of political rallies | Political Insider blog

Where Georgia is ahead of the curve: The privatization of political rallies | Political Insider blog

"The incident at Burt’s Pumpkin Farm in Dawsonville was, in fact, a precursor to a new, defining feature of politics in 2016 – the privatized presidential rally. Other candidates have engaged in culling potential disruptors – whether inconvenient reporters or suspected counter-demonstrators — from their mass gatherings. Prior to Georgia’s primary earlier this month, two black college students were ejected from a Hillary Clinton rally at Atlanta City Hall by police, for scrawling “Black Lives Matter” on the back of a campaign sign. But it is the Republican campaign of Donald Trump that has carried crowd (and press) control to a new extreme. Two things you can always count on at his raucous rallies: Loud music, and the disembodied male voice that makes it clear that “this is a private event paid for by Mr. Trump.”


Well, of course Trump uses "private property rights" to silence freedom of speech. He's a real estate developer, after all, and they figured out that game a long time ago. This is why so many CID residents get in trouble for political expression--they are on private property and under the rule of a private government, courtesy of a real estate developer and a local government that (wink wink) knew nothing, nothing.

You know what is really funny?  There are some people who consider themselves homeowner activists who support Trump.  How clueless is that?

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