Thursday, June 04, 2015

'Naughty Neighbors' face HOA lawsuit in Parker County

So it turns out that a swingers club operating out of a 4000 square foot home in a gated community is a business, according to this HOA.
The suit argues that the late-night parties are business operations because charges of up $75 per couple are listed on advertisements for the events.
HOA policy doesn't allow for businesses within the neighborhood. Specifically, the petition states that Carter is "...operating a business in violation of the Covenants which has become obnoxious, offensive, an annoyance, and a nuisance to the neighborhood, which is also a violation of the Covenants."
Other neighbors who spoke with News 8 but asked not be identified also expressed concern about the nature of the parties, and about the noise and clientele driving through the neighborhood late at night.
It wasn't immediately clear if the operation violates any county ordinance.
The lawsuit asks for an injunction, as well as attorney's fees and unspecified damages.

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Theo said...

This posting is a curiosity. Since this blog exhibits an extreme anti CID bias, it would seem that an item that describes such a reasonable response to an unacceptable situation in a family-oriented community would not appear here. Congratulations for at least a minimal attempt at 'balance' of coverage.