Friday, March 06, 2015

Change to HOA law sought after coyote kills family pet -

Change to HOA law sought after coyote kills family pet - We talked to Sen. Manendo in January when he was trying to help Marie resolve things with her HOA. She was seeking permission to install fence rollers because Arne was eaten by a coyote that jumped over her wall.

Rollers are recommended by the Nevada Division of Wildlife as a humane way to keep coyotes out and pets in.

"Basically a rolling piece of metal that mounts to the top of a wall so that even if an owner's pet is trying to climb over the wall or if a coyote is trying to come into the yard, they can't get a hold on top of the wall," explained NDOW Spokesman Doug Nielsen.

Both neighbors on either side of Marie's home in Solera at Stallion Mountain agreed to the rollers. But the HOA would not.

Contact 13 inducted them into our HOA Hall of Shame after they denied Marie's request, saying the rollers were not consistent with their design guidelines.


More bad press for Privatopia as another Las Vegas HOA gets inducted into the KNTV-13 Hall of Shame. Film at 10.

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