Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Texas neighborhood with race restrictive covenants shuts down black man's business

"The Northwood Park Civic Association — which governs a neighborhood near Houston — has never got around to removing outdated deed restrictions which limit home ownership to the “Caucasian race.” And now, the Texas Workforce Commission is accusing the neighborhood group of racial discrimination for the way it shut down a black resident’s home business because they said his signs broke deed rules."

The forgotten history of HOAs includes their essential role in enforcing racial segregation.  Race restrictive covenants have been unenforceable since 1948 (Shelly v. Kraemer) but many HOAs and subdivisions still have them on the books. Perhaps they are hoping the Supreme Court will reverse itself and let them indulge their taste for racial discrimination.  This place didn't go that far. They tried to shut down this man's home business.  He says they let at least three white residents operate their businesses.

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