Sunday, January 25, 2015

Public space? I got your public space right here.

"Like many cities, SF asks fancy property developers to create "public spaces" in their buildings to make up for parks and other public sites they displace, and these are usually a joke, hidden away far in the buildings' depths and deliberately hidden from the public. Now, a proposed amendment to the municipal code will allow those developers to do away with the pretense of public access altogether, by paying a nominal fee in lieu of creating these absurd "parks" within or atop their buildings."
Well, after all, why shouldn't our overlords be able to buy their way out of any and all legal obligations?  Thanks to Mystery Reader for this link.

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IC_deLight said...

Well why should cities be mandating "public spaces" at all much less "public spaces" to be "privately maintained at the expense of those living in the development. Now in SF they are talking about condos anyway and "public spaces" are an absurd requirement. But elsewhere local governments make the same demand in subdivisions which then leads to HOA only housing.