Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Veteran fights condo homeowners association | News - Home

Veteran fights condo homeowners association | News - Home: Murphree, a veteran, filed a suit last year after the HOA said he couldn't put a small American flag inside a potted plant on his front stoop.

He said the case was settled, and he agreed to display the flag in compliance with the “association documents.”

The flag remained in the flower pot until a few months ago, when Murphree said the HOA came knocking again, telling him the rules had changed.

According to the HOA, homeowners can fly a flag inside a flag pole on the side of the building, but they can't place the flag elsewhere, like inside a potted plant.

Murphree said the association told him to pay $100 a day or take it out.

“They left us no choice,” Murphree said. “We had a federal judge look at it, and he ruled that it should be in state court instead of federal court. We waited to see what they were going to do. (The HOA) put a foreclosure on my house for not paying the dues.”


Didn't Deep Throat use a flag in a flower pot to signal Bob Woodward to meet him in the parking garage for a Watergate scoop?

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