Monday, March 03, 2014

HOA head in RSF is paid $275K-plus |

HOA head in RSF is paid $275K-plus | The head of the Rancho Santa Fe homeowners association has received more than $275,000 in compensation for the past three years, and the president of the board was ousted from her position after she raised questions about it.

Such pay levels are more typically reserved for city managers or school district superintendents running complex functions of large government agencies.

The community association’s manager, Pete Smith, is responsible for collecting association dues, maintaining common areas and enforcing covenants for the community of about 5,000 with a median income in excess of $172,000 and median home price of $2.4 million.
The ousted president, Ann Boon, said she wanted her questions to bring clarity to the pay process

Pay's going up in Privatopia. But the managers apparently don't like the HOA directors who employ them asking questions about it. I guess the boards work for the managers instead of the other way around.

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