Tuesday, December 03, 2013

O.C. neighborhood ordered to take down Christmas lights - latimes.com

O.C. neighborhood ordered to take down Christmas lights - latimes.com: The strands of Christmas lights strung across a suburban Orange County street were meant to unite neighbors during the holidays. Instead, the brightly colored decorations have left them entangled in red tape.

The canopy of lights that bring a festive glow to a Wagon Wheel neighborhood when the sun goes down are an “unpermitted encroachment” in the eyes on county officials, who’ve ordered them removed.

But residents in the subdivision tucked in the foothills of Trabuco Canyon said they have no plans to take down the lights that zigzag above the street -- despite warnings that they could be fined or even prosecuted if they fail to remove the display by nightfall Wednesday.
It's that time of year again, boys and girls, when the HOA grinch steals Christmas and orders holiday lights and displays taken down. However in this instance, the HOA is taking a hands off stance and county code enforcers are playing Scrooge and crying "bah humbug!"

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