Friday, November 15, 2013

HOA Fires Back at Fla. Man Who Said He Was Fined $5K Short Trees - Yahoo

HOA Fires Back at Fla. Man Who Said He Was Fined $5K Short Trees - Yahoo: After a Florida man says he was fined $100 a day, or $5,000, for having two Magnolia trees that were too short, his homeowners association is defending itself, saying it's not just the height that's the problem, but the number of trees.

Patrick Fitzgerald, 51, said he planted two small trees by his home in Merritt Island, Fla. a year ago. Now he and the River Grove Homeowners Association have undergone legal mediation and some heated words in which he has called the board "idiots."

"This has gotten so carried away it is absolutely ridiculous," the HOA president told "To me it's ludicrous."
As media coverage of accounts of HOA follies has grown in recent years, HOA officials and managers usually remain mum and avoid reporters. But sometimes as in this case they do comment.

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IC_deLight said...

Interesting comment by the HOA president. First one must question the intelligence of planting trees between concrete and asphalt barriers. Second - the HOA prez claims that the strip belongs to the HOA. The homeowner obviously believes it belongs to him. If it belongs to the HOA, then why are the homeowners expected to plant it and maintain it? On the other hand, if the strip belongs to the HOA then the HOA as owner should have control over it - wish the HOAs would show the same respect to other owners regarding THEIR property.