Friday, September 13, 2013

HOA, Celina homeowner battle over fines for roof color | Dallas - Fort Worth

HOA, Celina homeowner battle over fines for roof color | Dallas - Fort Worth: The shingles had to be a color called "weathered wood," and had to be approved by the HOA architectural committee. They thought they'd jumped through those hoops, hired a contractor, and work began.

Then, there was a knock on the door. It was the roof police.

David Hawkes said the president of the homeowners association and the HOA's management company actually told them to stop construction.

"'The roof you're putting on is not going to match,'" Hawkes recalled the pair saying. "'It's not going to match the code. It's not going to be accepted here.'"

Privatopia's roof police will undoubtedly be using satellite imagery and spectrum analysis to ensure all rooftops are a uniform color lest property values be destroyed by a slightly off color roof.

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IC_deLight said...

Judd Austin (the attorney interviewed) is a lobbyist for Community Associations Institute who has quite regularly opposed fundamental things such as the right to access records, vote, or run for office. His law firm is also the one that foreclosed on Captain Clauer - divesting that family of $350,000 over an alleged $800 debt all under the pretext of "preserving property values". Again, the HOA doesn't preserve any value whatsoever for its involuntary member - it CREATES value in your home at your expense for the benefit of vendors like Judd Austin.