Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Putting clothes out to dry? Hang on, some homeowners associations say | Q13 FOX News

Putting clothes out to dry? Hang on, some homeowners associations say | Q13 FOX News: According to the Seattle Times, a number of homeowners associations around Seattle ban residents from hanging clothes on an outdoor clothesline. Homeowners covenants site everything from health concerns — such as children choking or getting caught in the line — to unsightly or nuisance ordinances. Most new housing developments or apartment complexes ban clothelines, the Times reported, with the ban open to the discretion of the homeowners association.

At Redmond Ridge, for example, clothelines are banned because they “pose a strangulation hazard” and work against creating a “clean, well-kept community.” The Seattle Housing Authority bans clothelines in an effort to keep children safe. And the Sammamish’s Heritage Hill development considers clotheslines “unsightly.”
Clotheslines get a pretty bad rap in parts of Privatopia, where they are suspected of strangling kids.

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IC_deLight said...

Is it possible that the prohibition against clotheslines was due to the interest of the financiers of developers in requiring homeowners to purchase appliances or consume electricity?

Certainly this was the motivation behind restrictive covenants prohibiting satellite dishes and antennas (to force homeowners to consumer cable services). Similar schemes are around to compel purchase of electricity from particular providers, water, propane, telecom services, and video services. It's not about "aesthetics". It's about forced consumption of "services".