Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Don't let emotions color redecorating projects -

Don't let emotions color redecorating projects -
"For some community associations, choosing a paint color is more difficult than passing a special assessment. "Board members often look at decorating as a personal decision rather than a business decision," said Cathy Ryan, president of Property Specialists Inc. in Rolling Meadows. "They typically want what they would put in their homes, not something that is pleasing to everyone." Then hurt feelings and angry words linger, sometimes for years, when someone's favorite color or style isn't selected, she said."

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IC_deLight said...

Just pick a nice shade between crimson and violet, e.g., fuchsia, magenta (i.e., purple) and turn the community corporation industry on its head.

Just imagine what happens when the demographics change sufficiently so that the people "in charge" of selecting the colors are the very ones that were previously being discriminated against by association with colors. Instead of "OMG they might paint it purple" the management company and HOA attorneys will have to change their mantra to "OMG they might paint it white or beige".