Thursday, July 25, 2013

The problem with planned communities | Milford PA | Local News

The problem with planned communities | Milford PA | Local News: Pennsylvania's Uniform Planned Community Act of 1997 regulates homeowners' associations that own or maintain common areas. Typically, a homeowners' association will own, maintain, or control open spaces, entrance gates, streets, street lights, walking trails, beaches, hydrants, storm water management systems, and on-site septic systems, unless these services and amenities are dedicated to the municipality in which they are located.

Peifer said the Uniform Planned Community Act is a good document but it has no “teeth” to it.

John Crerand, president of the Alliance of Community Associations, said the Act needs to be amended so that the answer to every problem arising between homeowners and their community boards of directors is not always “sue me.” This is the only legal route an individual homeowner can take, but it is cost-prohibitive, he said.
The article goes on to cite a host of ills plaguing Pennsylvania's version of Privatopia including double property taxation -- a local government tax bill plus another from the HOA.


Cynthia Stephens said...

Thank you so very much for posting this news account! Many have been trying to expose the problems, issues and unfortunately, I believe criminality, with in some of the planned communities in northeastern Pennsylvania and especially the neighboring county to Pike County, Monroe County. The abuses there, I believe have been to innocent homeowners, and include slapp lawsuits, legal abuses, extortion in the way of "alleged" legal fees and even for the projected cost of the fraudclosure. The perpetrators are some board members, attorneys and at least one former judge. Look at who the real criminals are and their crimes against the innocent homeowner victims. I believe some of these other issues exist, but first, look at the criminality that has been perpetrated against the innocent homeowners who simply did as little as ask a question of a malicious and criminal board member who believes the association to be their property and personal piggy bank and the homeowners, their subjects with no rights!

IC_deLight said...

...and another problem is that the person cited in the article does not represent the interests of homeowners but rather promoting the HOA corporations. This is why his organization is named the "Alliance of Community Associations" rather than "Alliance of Homeowners Enslaved to Involuntary Membership Corporations"