Thursday, June 06, 2013

No CID mandate provision passes

Behold Arizona HB2518:

"The legislation prohibits cities and counties from requiring home builders to establish “planned communities'' as a condition of getting the requisite permits and zoning for a new development. Instead, that would be an option decided solely by the developer."


Fred Pilot said...

Even without a specific CID mandate, might local governments be more inclined to approve CIDs over non-CIDs because of their fiscal benefit of reduced local government obligations for infrastructure and amenities?

IC_deLight said...

Not to mention that the developers want them for shifting control and liability. Control to the developer. Liability away from the developer.

The developer's financiers probably want them because the homeowners are an involuntary source of funding the project so long as the project is being financed. The developer's lots are immune but the homeowner's are not immune from assessments. Meanwhile the developer controls the HOA and therefore the amount of funding that homeowners must give to the developer's regime.