Sunday, June 23, 2013

Arizona homeowners losing their homes to foreclosure through forged documents

Arizona homeowners losing their homes to foreclosure through forged documents: Beth Findsen is another one of the small handful of lawyers fighting for families victimized by illegal foreclosures.

She said, “Public records are a disaster area."

And she warned that the fraud she has seen could have ramifications for years to come.

McCauley added, “It throws everybody’s chain of title into question now. We don’t know who owns what.”

Gabriella Westfall is living through the legal nightmare the attorneys describe.

She says six different banks have appeared in court and in filings to claim they own her house.

“I don’t know who I am supposed to pay my mortgage to,” she explains, “because we don’t know who owns the mortgage”.
Quite a fine mess when the identity of the mortgagee is no longer legally clear.  

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Cynthia Stephens said...

I believe this is no different in other areas of the country. This "forging of documents" in the courts, or clerk of court, has been going on so long, and especially in the HOA, COA, POA, foreclosures, in my opinion and experience. We must insist state, or federal officials have the jurisdiction (court) investigated for these outrageous and criminal activities. The place to start in my opinion and experience: Monroe County, Pennsylvania.