Friday, April 05, 2013

Trayvon Martin wrongful death suit agains HOA settled

Trayvon Martin wrongful death claim more than $1 million -
It appears that the HOA's insurer decided not to further dispute the coverage issue. As I understand the situation, Zimmerman was a volunteer, but the HOA more or less advised people to take their security concerns to him. The policy had a $1 million limit, and the story says the HOA paid at least that. Unfortunately there is a confidentiality provision so ascertaining the exact amount is impossible at this point.  In any event, it will be interesting to see if HOA insurers take steps to distance themselves from this sort of liability.


IC_deLight said...

...what's really strange is the statement "The policy had a $1 million limit, according to federal-court records, and went into effect March 30, 2012, a few weeks after Trayvon was shot."

If the policy went into effect AFTERWARDS then why did this insurer pay anything?

Cynthia Stephens said...

I agree with IC_deLight above. I wonder if this is an inaccuracy in reporting? I am going to send the reporter an email and ask for clarification.