Thursday, April 11, 2013

Homeowners Lose Their Water, Forced To Move |

Homeowners Lose Their Water, Forced To Move | Attorneys say because this is such a unique situation even the judge isn’t even sure yet how he’ll handle the problem.
Wrong.  The taps have been turned off before in attached Privatopia.  When the water gives out as in this townhome HOA, Tyler Berding's stage four death spiral accelerates exponentially.  Film at 10 on WREG, Memphis.

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IC_deLight said...

HOA corporations should NOT be given authority to resell water, electricity, gas or other typical utilities to property owners.

The HOA corporation is NOT a utility. There is no requirement for the HOA to apply assessments provided by homeowners to any specific bills like utility bills. The insertion of the HOA corporation in between the utility and the actual customer defeats the purpose of state oversight of utilities to begin with.

Anyone keeping up with HOA and condo cases knows full well that these are not cases of "first impression" nor "isolated instances". In fact there are numerous cases every year where garbage service, electricity, or water are cut off to HOA-burdened properties because the HOA corporation didn't pay the bill even though the homeowners did.

Here is one example selected to illustrate the absurd excuses by HOA management companies.

No trash pickup for neighborhood Note the management company's claims that the HOA corporation had not had a board for five years. If this were true then exactly under whose orders is the management company operating? Doesn't say much for the claim that people want or choose HOA burdened property.

Note the city's claim that it will form a "board" in the neighborhood to prevent the situation from happening again. If the city were doing its job it would provide trash service to this neighborhood like all the other neighborhoods that get taxed for the provision of fundamental services. This is another "utility" and any contracts should be between the customer and the vendor, not between the HOA corporation and the vendor.