Thursday, April 25, 2013

HOAs Fight Solar, Homeowners Fight Back | Emily Hois

HOAs Fight Solar, Homeowners Fight Back | Emily Hois: But there’s good news for solar power enthusiasts who belong to HOAs: these lawsuits have prompted some states—about two dozen—to limit HOAs' authority to ban solar panels. In Texas, no HOA can prohibit homeowners from installing solar energy systems on their rooftops, fenced-in yards or patios. Colorado HOAs can enforce “architectural guidelines” that can restrict the placement or appearance of solar panels. However, these aesthetic provisions may not result in a significant cost increase for the resident, nor can they hinder the solar system’s efficiency. California’s Solar Rights Act of 1978 prohibits HOAs from interfering with the installation of residential solar panels, although the law does allow for “reasonable restrictions” on solar energy systems. As a result, some HOAs have opposed even modest installations.
In Privatopia, you can stick 'em where the sun shines as long as the HOA doesn't have any issues.

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