Friday, March 29, 2013

Security door fight swings in homeowner's favor - Houston Chronicle

Security door fight swings in homeowner's favor - Houston Chronicle: According to a letter from the HOA, the board of directors voted to allow any security door that was installed prior to July 1, 2010, the date AMI Houston assumed the association's management. (At least two other homeowners have installed burglar bars because of crime issues, HOA officials confirmed.)

"I appreciate the homeowners association and [developer and president] Mr. Michael Johnson for working with me. I am glad to see this matter is solved," said Babineaux, 57. "I just wanted them to leave me alone about my door."

The lesson here for homeowners and HOAs is that Texas law has a four-year statute of limitations on deed restrictions.
I guess treating deed restrictions as giving rise to legal claims and subjecting them to a statute of limitations makes sense given the frequency of regime change in Privatopia.

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