Saturday, March 23, 2013

HOA, homeowner at odds over security door - Houston Chronicle

HOA, homeowner at odds over security door - Houston Chronicle
Babineaux said he appealed to the homeowners association, which, at that time, told him to take whatever precautions he deemed necessary to protect his home. So, the METRO bus driver had wrought-iron security doors installed on the front and rear entrances of his house. The metal barrier facing the street also has a tinted background panel.

"When I found out they were breaking in and doing things, I hurried up and had these doors built," Babineaux said, adding that the job cost him about $1,200. "These two doors have saved me. I love these doors. I can sleep good at night."
But recently, a new regime at the HOA has told him to remove the fortification from the front of his home.
Regime change has come to this corner of Privatopia.  And the new regime has a different take on the CC&Rs when it comes to this inmate's cell door.  

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IC_deLight said...

Please also note that the statute of limitations on enforcing a restrictive covenant is 4 years in Texas. The HOA attorney and management company and probably the board are all well aware that the SOL has passed.