Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cerabino: Presidential politics have nothing on Kings Point... |

Cerabino: Presidential politics have nothing on Kings Point... |
Thanks to George Staropoli for the pointer to this article. Reading this, I find myself wondering why the press and especially the courts so uncritically accept the industry line that CIDs are democracies. There are so many irregularities (to put it mildly) in condo and HOA elections that I don't see how it can be assumed that the popular will prevails. And that is added to the culture of non-participation that prevails in most associations.

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IC_deLight said...

Apparently the HOA industry doesn't permit reporters to own HOA-burdened property.

Alternatively, the reporters live in HOA-burdened property where the board has adopted "rules" prohibiting disclosure of anything about the HOA or its board that might result in a negative view of the board or subdivision - like the truth.

So the reporters that know better apparently don't think they can disclose the truth which leaves the rest of the reporters who seem to be capable only of parroting propaganda from the community corporation vendors.