Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lawmaker hopes state post would keep condo disputes out of court -

Lawmaker hopes state post would keep condo disputes out of court -
Proposal from state representative Elaine Nekritz to create a condo ombudsperson in Illinois.  Here is a link to the full text of the bill.   How about this section?

17        (3) Anecdotal accounts of abuses within condominium
18    communities create continuing public demand for reform of
19    condominium property law. This results in frequent changes
20    to the law, making it more difficult to understand and
21    apply and imposing significant transitional costs on
22    condominium communities statewide. By collecting empirical
23    data on the nature and incidence of problems within
24    condominium communities, a Condominium Ombudsperson will
25    provide a sound basis for prioritizing reform efforts,
26    thereby increasing the stability of condominium property

1 comment:

IC_deLight said...

"anecdotal" accounts?
That's fairly demeaning to the homeowners owning property burdened by condominium regimes who have been subjected to such abuses.

By the way, the word "community" is wholly inappropriate. The legislator should use the term of art "condominium regime" as these things are known in the legal community.

Now when you see the phrase "Anecdotal accounts of abuses within condominium regimes..." readers realize the word that "doesn't belong" is "anecdotal".