Monday, December 24, 2012

Clay Twp. basin topic of Thursday meeting - News

Clay Twp. basin topic of Thursday meeting - News: At the meeting, the letter states, a homeowners' association will be established and members elected. The association will then take over care and maintenance of the stormwater basin.

That doesn't sit well with David Martin and some of his neighbors.

"This really should go to Clay Township, and they should be responsible," said Martin, whose Foggy Bottom Road home is a stone's throw from the basin. "We pay them through our taxes to take care of property like this."


But in the case of Wildflower Pond, buyers purchasing houses in the development signed an agreement that a homeowners' association would be formed.
Welcome to Privatopia, where you render taxes to both public and private governments.  And don't ask the former to bear the cost of maintaining retention basins and repairing deteriorating thoroughfares and sinkholes.  After all, you agreed that's not their responsibility, didn't you?

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