Saturday, November 17, 2012

Students build forts to bring comfort to central Edmonton

Students build forts to bring comfort to central Edmonton: EDMONTON - Saying they want to inspire and spread the love, a group of architecture students is setting up an informal living room at various spots around central Edmonton. With used furniture and a tarp to block the wind, their “forts” will offer free hot chocolate and a casual place to socialize, starting Friday. The installation is meant to change to a physical space to encourage more social interaction between strangers on city streets, said Tara McCashin, a Dalhousie University student working at Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd.
You can do this only if you call it art. If you call it home, you have to move.

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Anonymous said... doubt these same students will be designing planned communities where the "social interaction" consists largely of spying by an HOA corporation and threats of fines and foreclosure lest one conform to "community standards" as dictated by vendors and HOA boards.

I'd suggest tearing down the "fort" and letting folks go to the existing coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, etc. to socialize.