Sunday, October 21, 2012

Suspect in Ky. HOA shooting: 'I had to kill them' - SFGate

Suspect in Ky. HOA shooting: 'I had to kill them' - SFGate:
That evening, Hindi said, he took a loaded gun and spare bullets to the meeting, but didn't shoot anyone immediately because he was waiting for an opportunity to address his issues with the homeowners' association.

Hindi said he felt ignored for about 30 minutes and wasn't given a chance to speak, so he took the gun from his brief case and set it in his lap.

"I stood up and shot Mr. Merritt that way. He was sitting," Hindi said. "And, then ... I turned to Mr. Fisher and shot him also. This is exactly what I had in mind ... If they were not going to talk like human beings, I was going to shoot them."
And now the prosecutors are deciding whether to seek the death penalty for what Hindi admits was a premeditated murder of two people.  Despite the fact that he has given a detailed confession, it is highly unlikely that he will be executed. Only one person has been involuntarily executed in Kentucky since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. The other two people who were executed volunteered to be put to death.

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