Monday, October 15, 2012

Pink Playhouse Owner Ecstatic after Learning Lawsuit was Dismissed | NBC Augusta 26

Pink Playhouse Owner Ecstatic after Learning Lawsuit was Dismissed | NBC Augusta 26: COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. -- It's a lawsuit that received national attention after our first story aired.

A grandmother was being sued by her neighborhood Homeowners Association over the color of her granddaughter's playhouse.

The HOA said it was an out building and she had to have permission.

Becky Rogers Peck tells us she was excited and shocked to find out the lawsuit had been dismissed and one of the first things she did was tell her grand-daughter Aubree.
Pink prevails in this privatopian enclave.


Anonymous said...

Standard operating procedure. Police and prosecutors do this all the time in order to get away with violating civil rights.

The HOA dropped the lawsuit due to bad publicity, and to avoid having a precedent set; or at least an unfavorable ruling that can be cited in future cases.

This leaves the HOA free to abuse other homeowners in the future, who may not be so lucky as to receive media attention and the resulting support.

Was the homeowner awarded legal fees and costs in this case? If not, this was not a "win", since the HOA was able to inflict economic and emotional damage on the homeowner with impunity.

And, of course, the HOA lawyers and property manager profited from the strife and conflict they created.

Anonymous said...

This does not dismiss the fact that it's still in violation of the covenants. The rules apply to everyone or it applys to no one. Just cause the law suit was dismissed, it does not negate the violation. Sounds like another law suit if the property values suffer because of it.