Thursday, September 20, 2012

Texas Homeowner 'Lynches' Empty Chair Meant to Represent President Obama

Texas Homeowner 'Lynches' Empty Chair Meant to Represent President Obama: A Texas-based political blog brings news of a North Austin man who shocked some in his neighborhood by putting up a display in his front yard apparently meant to symbolize a lynched President Obama hanging from a tree.

The political statement consists of an empty chair tied to a tree branch and left to hang in the air.
I expect the homeowner will soon be hearing from the HOA.


Anonymous said...

from the story:

"Burnt Orange Report notes that [Bud] Johnson [the homeowner in question] isn't just some neighborhood crank — he's the August 2010 winner of the Homeowners Association's 'Yard of the Month' [pdf]."

Since I just watched Hot Fuzz last night -- in which the town's HOA is integral to the movie's plot -- perhaps this is a job for Sgt. Nicholas Angel.

Anonymous said...

The Austin-American Statesman did a story on the "chair" today. Watch the video.
"Chair" Political Statement