Wednesday, September 26, 2012

North Naples community on edge after a string of burglaries

North Naples community on edge after a string of burglaries: COLLIER COUNTY, Fla - A North Naples community is on edge after string of burglaries stole their sense of security.

The gated community of Cypress Trace is in Cypress Woods just off Immokalee Road. Now neighbors are demanding their home owners association do more to restore safety.

Cypress Trace is gated, but residents say it failed to keep trouble out Sunday night. They say there are several open areas where thieves can walk right in and with no security guard at night and high HOA fees, neighbors say more protection is a must.
As the perfessor has noted, gates are no guarantee of security.

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Anonymous said...

The Community Associations Network has published a long list ( about 7 pages if printed ) of thefts that have occurred in privatized communsties.

Thanks to Ward Lucas, who found this list earlier this year.