Monday, August 13, 2012

Woman says HOA wants her to part ways with pet dog - WSMV Channel 4

Woman says HOA wants her to part ways with pet dog - WSMV Channel 4: All three pups live with Brown at the house she owns in the Park Place subdivision in Antioch. She said she was surprised to receive a letter from the HOA telling her she was breaking its bylaws by having three dogs.

"Not to exceed a total of two," Brown said, reading the letter.

The letter asks Brown to get rid of one dog or else the board would remove one and turn it over to "the appropriate agency for keeping or disposal."
One of the dogs must go or end up on death row at the pound.  More bad press for at 10.


Anonymous said...

"or else the board would remove one"

And how exactly would the board do that? Would they forcibly enter her home?

Anonymous said...

Somewhere, over the fence line, there must be
Folks who live and let live, who’ll let Toto live with me.

Folks who live without fears of fines so high,
Proud and happy, and free, without any CAI.

Where Kangaroo Courts can’t attack and Boards stay legal and don’t act unkindly…

Where happy people pass their days without abusive HOA’s that want… to… fine… me.

Some folks won’t sell their rights or liberty.

Some folks live and let live. Oh why then, oh why can’t we?