Friday, August 03, 2012

Manatee homeowners say their condos are falling apart

Manatee homeowners say their condos are falling apart
MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. - The problems started with a leak inside his new condo. Now Armando Oyola-Delgado lives like he's in a hospital contamination zone.

"It actually is so the mold doesn't cross into here," he said, unzipping a plastic sheet that hangs at the sliding glass doors inside his condo.
But the worst part of it is beyond the curtain on his back deck.
"I went through the floor right there," said Oyola-Delgado pointing upwards where he says he stepped through the ceiling from the 2 nd floor. 
Why is it that water is to condos like Preparation H to hemorrhoids?  I suggest a Nobel prize for whomever designs the water and mold proof condominium.

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Anonymous said...

from the story:

"He says that leak has ruined his home and the homebuilder, KB Home, is to blame. But his closing contract won't let him sue."

Considering that this is KB Home, I'm surprised Armando Oyola-Delgado is allowed to talk to the press. KB Home used to have the following clause in their contracts:

"Moreover, no Owner may use any public medium such as the
`internet' or any broadcast or print medium or advertising
to similarly malign or disparage the building quality or
practices of any homebuilder, it being acknowledged by all
Owners that any complaints or actions against a homebuilder
or Declarant are to be resolved in a private manner and any
action that creates controversy or publicity for the
Subdivision or the quality of construction of any homes
within the Subdivision will diminish the quality and value
of the Subdivision."

According to that story, "Buy A House And Shut Up!" (Houston Chronicle, 2003), "the KB spokeswoman stressed that the provision is not to protect KB Home from bad publicity. It's to protect neighbors from damaged property values. And she says it is the homeowners' associations, not KB Home, that enforce the restrictions."