Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DCPP Arquitectos' Sky Condos Offer Sky-High Balconies With Swimming Pools In Lima, Peru (PHOTOS)

DCPP Arquitectos' Sky Condos Offer Sky-High Balconies With Swimming Pools In Lima, Peru (PHOTOS):


DCPP Arquitectos' planned Sky Condos will feature balconies with private pools and other amenities that aim to better integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, according to a Google translation of the company’s website. (Hat tip: the Daily Mail.) The 20-story condo building, designed to be “an icon for the future," will be located in the heart of a wealthy area of Lima and offer its residents views of a nearby golf course.
It appears that if you get out of the pool on the wrong side your first step takes you down about 20 stories.


Anonymous said...

Incredibly bad idea. As noted in the article: "deadly accident waiting to happen"

There are plenty of condo and apartment projects all over the U.S. that have failing balconies. There have been several publicized stories in the Austin, Texas area in the last two years regarding collapsed balconies and all the people that get hauled of to the hospital or in some cases the morgue as a result of these things.

Aside from the dangers from the lack of fencing around the pool, consider the torque or leverage of a weight of a person on a balcony and compare that to the weight of a swimming pool which is going to be order of magnitude greater. When balconies fail, they do not typically take out lower balconies (damage yes). If one of these pools fails, there is no way that a pool balcony below it can support a hit. One of these pool balconies fail and it's going to take out every other pool balcony on the way down.

Big mess at the ground level. This is bad architecture.

Look at the amount of weight

Anonymous said...

This is crazy and I agree with anonymous above on every point they made plus. There is incredible architecture "out there,' so why something so stupid? Well, it is a condo, so I say no more. If someone would buy in this concept and I cannot see why, as I am sure the cost will be an issue and properties of equal price will offer more, but id someone did buy, I guess they can afford the consequences. Still, stupid, though, in my opinion!