Thursday, July 26, 2012

Robert L. Borosage: Mitt Romney: The Gated Candidate

Robert L. Borosage: Mitt Romney: The Gated Candidate

The wealthiest Americans often choose to live in gated communities, designed to shield them from the intrusion of those Ann Romney calls "you people."
Now, Mitt Romney is applying that same notion to his campaign for the presidency. He's offering Americans a gated candidate, with whole areas of his record walled off to keep "you people" from knowing about them.
And now Romney is self-immolating in his European tour, having made a complete ass of himself in London. But here at home, in the land of the blind, he is neck and neck with President Obama, thanks to to Fox News and AM talk radio.  He is popular with people who don't believe in evolution, think the President was born in Kenya, and are convinced that if they had been in that theater in Aurora they would have taken care of the shooter. In reality, at best they would have shot themselves in the butt. At worst they would have killed an innocent bystander.


Anonymous said...

There is much to dislike about both of the most active candidates.

However, this claim about "choice" of living in gated communities gets a little old. Funny how the HOA industry promotes these as wonderful places to live and yet it seems that any article written about them has nothing nice to say about them. Certainly this article did not intend to cast them in a positive light.

"Gated communities" is more a reflection of how local government has deprived people in such an area of fundamental privileges one ordinarily enjoys as a citizen. The gates are there so that the local government doesn't have to pay for the roads or much anything else. Meanwhile local government taxes the bejibbers out of the residents.

Having a gate offers no security - unless you think a hindrance to emergency responders is some kind of security.

Carole said...

The British are calling Romney the "American Borat". Many of them wonder if the Romney fundraisers have raised enough to send him back home.

Meanwhile, alert Americans are begging the British to keep him for awhile. Maybe lose him in the House of Commons hallways, where he forgot his host's name and called Ed Milliband, "Mr. Leader".

You can't make this stuff up.