Monday, June 25, 2012

Outsourcing Sandy Springs - Video Library - The New York Times

Outsourcing Sandy Springs - Video Library - The New York Times
This is the video version of the piece I linked to below. I am in it.

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Anonymous said...

So will crimes by "public officials" now be immune from criminal prosecution? You'll end up with "breach of contract" and a lawsuit handled in a "court" of the vendors?

Is there such a thing as a civil rights violation by contractors or is it merely a breach of contract that no injured person can bring on behalf of the city?

The city representative's view is that this is somehow just a service provider/customer business relationship. But the "service provider" is primarily contracted with the city, not the customer. In addition, these service providers are being given a private monopoly over "servicing" the residents.

Gotta be a little suspicious of the intro where the city representative is stating they had an opportunity to "build a new government from the ground up". There is nothing new about that. Every despotic government since the dawn of time has rationalized their regime in the same fashion. Here the "cleansing" seems primarily oriented at economic cleansing but it is no less insidious.