Saturday, June 16, 2012

Greenacres man, 80, ends up in jail, hospital after trying to save butterfly plants

Greenacres man, 80, ends up in jail, hospital after trying to save butterfly plants: The landscaping dispute came to a head Tuesday morning when workers arrived to remove the plants. John Buchholz, a retired Pratt &Whitney machinist, stood his ground.

“This is where you stop,” Buchholz told the workers armed with shovels when they approached the blue porterweed, corn plants, coontie, firebush and others.
That’s when property managers called police.

When police officers arrived, he continued to protest. According to Greenacres police, Buchholz screamed and yelled at the workers and prevented them from removing the plants.

During the confrontation, Pat Buchholz read passages from Earth Blessings, Prayers for Our Planet, a pamphlet from the Unity in the Pines church.

John Buchholz, 80, compared himself to Rosa Parks taking a stand for what is right. Then he cracked a joke. He told police they might want to call for backup because he had been trained in karate. They called for backup.

Buchholz was placed in handcuffs, charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence. He’s scheduled to make a first appearance in court June 26.
Zee plants haf to go.  Komply or cooler!

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Anonymous said...

This isn't anywhere near the same as an HOA board or vendor you what you can do on your own property. In the case at hand, the homeowner was planting on property that did not belong to him. At most he held an undivided interest in the property which was under rule of the condo corporation. This is NOT equivalent to planting on your own property.