Thursday, April 05, 2012

Rodney Gray's new documentary: The Hoax


Hi there, I'm Rodney Gray. I am a former U.S. Marine, an actor and a filmmaker, who is currently directing and producing a feature documentary on the homeowners' association (HOA) industry for submission to film festivals and future distribution, but also as my MFA production thesis at the University of North Texas.

My new film, The HOAX, follows an investigative reporter, homeowners, and HOA reform activists as they reveal shocking evidence of financial and psychological hardships experienced by people throughout Texas and Nevada. A few of these people, including the filmmaker, have been the subject of adverse actions from the very HOAs created to help them.

Please feel free to visit our websites to find out more information, get updates and watch the teaser trailer.

The HOAX Movie Website:

The HOAX Trailer Tease and Campaign Website:

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if CAI will provide some input, address any of the issues raised, or explain how their public policies are protective of anything that benefits homeowners.

I'd sure like to know why CAI thinks the following are good things for homeowners:
i) justifying anything in the name of "aesthetics"
ii) unlimited assessment increases
iii) monopolies on video services (they call them "exclusive contracts")
iv) unfair and unscrupulous debt collection practices (they don't believe the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act should apply)
v) and much of the rest of their "public policies"

Anonymous said...

Tyler Berding's take: at

While not agreeing with the premise of the film (i.e. that there is widespread abuse of owners
by management companies and boards of directors) it is clear that there are problems out there.

So, films like HOAX, and the constant drumbeat of those advocates who believe that the
community association form of housing is a mistake, can only repeat the obvious--
there are problems with it and there is occasional abuse of power by its governors.
But in fact they can't do very much about it. There is too much of this type of housing
and it meets too many important needs, to abandon it any time soon.

rodneydg said...

CAI's response when I asked to interview them:

"No. Our participation would lend credibility to a production that, based on the trailer, will simply bash community associations and the homeowner volunteers and professionals who work diligently to make them work." - Frank Rathbun, CAI Vice President, Communications and Marketing