Monday, April 23, 2012

67-year-old Kingwood Woman Loses Home For Not Paying HOA Dues

67-year-old Kingwood Woman Loses Home For Not Paying HOA Dues

HOUSTON - This four-bedroom, two bathroom house has been Ann Izzat's home for almost 32 years.
Even though it's completely paid off, Ann was evicted. It followed a knock on the door just a couple of days ago.
"I saw my mom go outside," Ann's son Anthony Izzat said. "The next thing I know she came back in and told me we had 30 minutes to get al of our stuff, all thirty two years, and get it out, I went outside and asked for a card, they sat out here and actually laughed and said trust us."
"We had to leave and could not be at home while all the contents could be removed, they took all the contents to storage," Ann Izzat said. "I was shocked I didn't know what was happening."
Ann's HOA took her home because she owed the association a little over $1,200.
"I may have forgotten to pay," Ann said. "I wasn't aware of that problem though, I wasn't aware of it."

Thanks to Shu Bartholomew for this story--one more among many, but according to the industry this never happens.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you think the reporter omitted the name of the HOA from this story? Leaving the door open for more victims? Afraid it might "harm property values" if prospective homebuyers found out what the vendors did in this HOA?