Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Vietnam vet says he's being singled out; Local man fights HOA over soldier cut out

Eggleston also feels he's being a victim because there are other signs in the neighborhood—political signs that no one's asked for to be taken down.

Saahir said those homeowners have received similar letters to take down their signs, but short of police showing up or a court order, Eggleston said he won't be taking down his soldier.

"I'm going to leave it up until somebody of a higher authority than a homeowner's president tells me to take it down."
Like I was saying a few months ago here, HOAs aren't viewed by some as legitimate forms of local government but rather nebbish neighbors with too much time on their hands. And more bad media coverage for Privatopia in this latest kerfuffle over patriotic displays. Film at 10.

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Anonymous said...

"Like I was saying a few months ago here, HOAs aren't viewed by some as legitimate forms of local government"

See Tyler Berding's "Why Community Associations are Not Governments.

Actually, read all of his stuff at

As much as you may want to believe that HOAs are not legitimate contracts, the courts and legislatures say they are. HOA reform activists are going to have to accept this fact if they actually want to accomplish anything, rather than just gripe.

To learn how boots-on-the-ground activism works at the legal level, I suggest watching the Community Environmental Defense Fund's "Democracy School On-Line" videos:

Democracy School On-Line

Democracy School On-Line - Part I

Democracy School On-Line - Part II

Democracy School On-Line - Part III

Democracy School On-Line - Part IV

Democracy School On-Line - Part V

Democracy School On-Line - Part VI

Democracy School On-Line - Part VII

Democracy School On-Line - Part VIII

Each video is about 1/2 hour long, so 4 hours total -- but well worth your time.

It's obviously from an environmentalist perspective, but there are important lessons for HOA reform activists.