Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wyoming House advances doomsday bill

Wyoming House advances doomsday bill
"CHEYENNE — State representatives on Friday advanced legislation to launch a study into what Wyoming should do in the event of a complete economic or political collapse in the United States. House Bill 85 passed on first reading by a voice vote. It would create a state-run government continuity task force, which would study and prepare Wyoming for potential catastrophes, from disruptions in food and energy supplies to a complete meltdown of the federal government. The task force would look at the feasibility of Wyoming issuing its own alternative currency, if needed. And House members approved an amendment Friday by state Rep. Kermit Brown, R-Laramie, to have the task force also examine conditions under which Wyoming would need to implement its own military draft, raise a standing army, and acquire strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier."
Where to begin? First, note how far the craziness on the right has gone. Now we have elected Republicans legislating for the post-apocalypse. Second, they keep telling us how much they revere the US Constitution, but they can't wait to re-institute the Articles of Confederation when the states could act like nations. Third, if Wyoming had an aircraft carrier, where within the borders of the great nation of Wyoming would they put it? Fourth, if you want to see where these elected wing nuts got the idea, check this out.

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Citizens for Constitutional Local Government said...

Evan, whatever you do, don't mention creating a statewide Declaration of CC&RS which would grant them independence without all this fuss.