Friday, December 16, 2011

HOA uses DNA tests to target dog owners who don't scoop poop

Through a program called PooPrints, the doggie DNA goes into a world pet registry that the company says can be used as a "whodunnit tool."

When a pet owner leaves their pooch's package behind, for $60 per poop, the HOA collects and sends a sample to a lab in Knoxville, Tennessee.

"Dogs defecate and you should pick up after your dog, but, I mean, DNA testing to solve the 'crime' is going too far," Justin says.

Dog owners were given no choice in the matter.

"Basically, if you don't do it you're gonna get fined."

Another clash between condo life and canines.


Anonymous said...

The management company involved is "Benchmark".
Benchmark is an Associa subsidiary.

This ranks up there with the cement blocks that another Associa subsidiary placed in driveways in a Georgia HOA to prevent owners from being able to use their vehicles to exit or enter their own property.
Car Blocked in Driveway by HOA

Communisty Associations Institute said...

After being alerted to this practice by an Associa subsidiary, we have contacted the management company to voice our concerns.

Why should we assume that any bio-waste left in a common area of a community association was produced by a dog? The enemies of HOAs are everywhere, and there are enough malcontents that the possibility of such waste being of human origin should not be discounted. Some people have such a problem with authority that they will do anything as a form of protest. Eternal vigilance is the price of protecting your property values.

Therefore, we are urging HOAs to adopt rules requiring them to collect DNA samples of all residents and visitors, too.

If your CC&Rs explicitly prohibit your association from collecting DNA samples from your rsidents, CAI trained-and-certified attorneys will help you have the CC&Rs amended. For a large fee, of course. But do not worry, since you can pass those costs back to the homeowners who will benefit from such a policy.