Sunday, November 27, 2011

HOA scheme victims say plea deals ignore them - News -

HOA scheme victims say plea deals ignore them - News -
I have a policy of never linking to the Las Vegas Review Journal because of their contemptible and now destroyed relationship with the ruined copyright troll firm RightHaven, but the work of the LVJR reporters on the Las Vegas HOA fraud case is so good and so important that I have to reconsider. No quotations--links only.


Communisty Associations Institute said...

It would be a mistake for Justice Department to seek restitution for individual homeowners in the community associations involved.

Individual homeowners were not harmed. They agreed to pay any debts and liabilities incurred by their community associations, and even put their homes up as collateral. The individual homeowners were merely fulfilling their contractual obligations.

The parties that actually suffered damages were the artificial persons known as HOA corporations. The defendants didn't defraud individual homeowners, they defrauded community associations.

"Sometimes it's hard to divorce the interests of the owners from the interests of the association. Because by definition the association are the owners." But in this case, it is easy to do divorce the interests. When it is convenient, the HOA corporation is a distinct legal entity, with its own set of rights separate from its individual members. HOA corporations are entitled to restitution, individual homeowners -- who are represented by their HOAs -- are not.

Anonymous said...

In all above, "Communisty Associations Institute said..." this is absolutely crazy. Absolutely crazy. Please tell the innocent and unsuspecting families who are homeless due to one of these slapp lawsuit, extortion scams, where, of course they are illegal, that they do not deserve justice and rectification..
The perspective of that blogger, (Communisty) must be of one with significant psychological, psycho social, and mental challenges... An evaluation with a good, competent psychiatrist may be extremely helpful to this blogger. Let's hope and pray this is a joke!

Evan McKenzie said...

Except that "Communisty Associations Institute" is posting in a humorous vein, to parody the industry rhetoric that emanates from the Community Associations Institute and other trade associations.