Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oak Park looks at crackdown on distracted drivers -

Oak Park looks at crackdown on distracted drivers -
If Oak Park enacts an outright ban on eating while driving, it might become one of the first in the nation to do so. Experts were unaware Wednesday of any community that has such a law.

Oak Park village trustee Colette Lueck, who is initiating the push against distracted driving, said she would like to ban drinking or applying makeup, in addition to eating and cellphone use.

Oak Park is an ultra-liberal Chicago suburb that has banned guns, nuclear weapons, and the Boy Scouts. Now they are cracking down these idiots who try to drive while eating a Big Mac, drinking a latte, and talking on their cell phone.

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Anonymous said...

Does grooming include picking your nose? If that's the case, I can't drive through Oak Park any more...