Friday, September 09, 2011

Righthaven says it might have to file for bankruptcy - VEGAS INC

Righthaven says it might have to file for bankruptcy - VEGAS INC
Despite its backing by the billionaire Warren Stephens family, Las Vegas copyright lawsuit filer Righthaven LLC warned today it may have to file for bankruptcy because of a series of setbacks in its litigation campaign.

The warning came in an emergency request by Righthaven to a federal judge in Las Vegas that he stay his order that Righthaven pay $34,045 in legal fees to attorneys who successfully defended Kentucky message board poster Wayne Hoehn against a Righthaven lawsuit.

Righthaven is the copyright troll firm that the Las Vegas Review Journal hired to file ridiculous copyright infringement suits against bloggers who quoted LVRJ articles. The "setbacks" are slapdowns from judges who would not allow the federal court system to be misused in this fashion. This is why I never link to anything from the LVRJ. It's a shame that the executives did such a dumb thing, because some of the LVRJ reporters do great work (including their work on the blockbuster federal investigation of fraud involving HOAs, attorneys, and others) that should be publicized on the web to generate comment and inform people in a wider circle.

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