Sunday, August 07, 2011

Man Claims Racist Reception from Royal Oaks

Man Claims Racist Reception from Royal Oaks
Williams leased a home on Stuart Manor. As time went by, things got progressively worse.

"They must be selling drugs so now, it's we're selling drugs in the neighborhood," he said.

But he said that was easy compared to his next experience: 2 weeks ago, all of his guests were denied entry into the subdivision, stopped at the front gate.

All of those guests were African American.

He went to go pick up his cousin who was walking on foot through the gate at the front of the door. That’s when he said a security guard told him the following,

“Look, I'm not allowed to let you guys in. We personally don't have a problem with you, but we'll lose our jobs.”

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One of the main reasons for creating HOAs in the US was to practice racial exclusion. Some things never change.

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