Thursday, August 04, 2011

'Insidious And Persistent' Residential Segregation Called Out In Study

'Insidious And Persistent' Residential Segregation Called Out In Study
The study examined trends across more than 300 American communities over the last two decades and concluded that ethnic identity trumps income as a predictor of where people live. Among minority households, even those with relatively high incomes tend to be clustered in neighborhoods where most of their neighbors are the same race and many are poor, the study found.
And it appears that racial discrimination in the housing market may be the reason, which wouldn't surprise anybody who has ever read anything on the history of institutional racism in the real estate and banking industries.

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Fred Fischer said...

The following report about restrictive covenants and homeowners associations adds much to this subject of segregated housing. So much for the common claim that, HOAs are created to manage the common areas of a CID (PUD) or condo, instead early history reveals a different primary goal.